True Solutions for the Right Wallpaper Now

True Solutions for the Right Wallpaper Now

April 3, 2021 Off By admin

You’ve made up your mind, you want wallpaper for every room in your home. It is an original idea and a solution that has recently become very fashionable. The trends, however, are no longer those of the past and the wallpaper is strictly essential and light, in pastel colors, with geometric patterns and not at all baroque. Here are some tips on how to choose the most suitable wallpaper for the bedroom, the hall and the office.


To choose wallpaper singapore for the bedroom, you have to think that falling asleep and waking up in an environment with too bold walls or daring colors could soon tire you. For this, the options for the bedroom can be summarized in two:

Choose a paper with polka dots, large or small, or other delicate motifs   in pastel shades (pink, blue, soft yellow) that do not disturb the eye but instead give a feeling of order and cleanliness. Opt for a soft solid color, enriched by a texture that stands out slightly, distinguishing itself by just half a tone of color from the background. Choosing the wallpaper singapore is the right option here.

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Living Room

In the living room, wallpaper with geometric motifs predominates:  zigzag lines, triangles and black and white. The most popular trend is to choose wallpaper in bold colors, black on white or other strong shades to match the plain colored walls. You can also play with the space, using metallic or baroque wallpaper, which gives an effect of different depth to the walls on which it is placed.

The extra tip:

Have you created a plasterboard niche that contains knick-knacks or technological objects? Or maybe you have a glass wall unit? Perfect: cover the bottom with the wallpaper of your choice to make it even more unique!


In the office you work and study,  you have to stay focused , without unnecessary distractions, much less those born from a too imaginative wallpaper. For this reason, in the office it is better to choose a simple wallpaper,  ton-sur-ton , without color differences, without too clear geometric patterns, without bright shades. Limit yourself to barely sketched geometric patterns  , soft, soothing tones .